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Books. 28 great kids' books about Black history. Civil rights, the abolition movement and the history of the black community These books cover challenging topics, so we encourage you to read them with your children, and discuss.

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Great tips on saving with coupons - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) Couponing does seem simple, and it’s not like I’ve never used a coupon before. So at the risk of becoming addicted (like the folks on the TV show Extreme Couponing) and hoarding hundreds of rolls of toilet paper in the kids’ bedroom closets, I challenged myself to live off coupons as much as possible for one week.

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Do coupons make you spend more? - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) A 50% off coupon leads to impulse shopping for Amy and family. Amy Baskin December 15, 2011. Credit: sgrace. Tal asks to go to the mall. “I want to buy a book for my sister,” she says.

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What you need to know about deal sites - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) Just put in the postal code of your current location and select from deals in that neighbourhood, like a coupon for a nearby ice cream shop or car wash. ... Popular Playmobil toys at 51 percent off the regular price. Living Social Deals. How it works: ... Must-try coupon sites just for tots.

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How to save money on back-to-school shopping - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) No-tax days, coupons and coupon codes, rebates and free-shipping offers can save you a chunk of change, especially when you can double (or triple) dip. Don’t forget to use savings apps (like Checkout 51, Red Flag Deals and Flipp) for back-to-school-related offers. Get free kids’ eyeglasses

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15 ways to save money on just about everything - Today's ...

(0 seconds ago) Coupons are often for sugar-filled processed foods; saving money on produce can be tougher. After becoming a vegan, Howard struggled with couponing. “A lot of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly companies don’t advertise. But I found that if you call and ask, the companies will send you coupons,” she says. And what about those coupons you won ...

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6 ways to save money at the grocery store - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) If the scanned price is wrong, and it’s under $10, you get the item free; if it’s over $10, you get $10 off. It’s all part of the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, which most major grocery stores have adopted.

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How I saved $125 on groceries — without coupons - Today's ...

(0 seconds ago) With a family of five, Melanie has her shopping down to a science, with grocery store checklists and a binder of organized coupons. Alice, a mom of two who works part-time, belongs to a large group of couponers who regularly meet to swap deals and always knows the best deals on cheese and loyalty points off the top of her head.

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10 clever ways to save on school supplies

(0 seconds ago) 7. Look for special promos and coupons. Using coupons and taking advantage of special promos is another great way to save on supplies. You can totally unleash your inner extreme couponer—we won’t judge!—by skimming newspapers, magazines, social media and websites.

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11 best baby registries - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) The perks: You get a one-time-only 15 percent off coupon to use on any baby registry items left unpurchased after your baby is born. There’s also a one-year return policy on all items from your registry. When you register, you’ll get a welcome kit stuffed with $50 worth of coupons, samples and other goodies—simply drop by guest services ...

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I tried to give my kids everything—and then the bank called

(0 seconds ago) I tried everything I could to make ends meet. I didn’t buy myself new clothes or household items. I relied on hand-me-downs for the boys while they were too young to care about fashion, and when they got older, I shopped off the clearance racks. I bought groceries on sale and with coupons. I had a huge garden and baked cookies instead of ...

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10 Mother's Day coupons—for what she really wants - Today ...

(0 seconds ago) 10 Mother's Day coupons—for what she really wants Unforced hugs and private pees—this is the stuff of mom dreams! Print off one of these cute Mother's Day coupons.

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Back-to-school organization: Communication station - Today ...

(0 seconds ago) Ideally, store temporary items you will benefit from seeing such as party invitations, coupons with expiry dates, cleaning and repair receipts. When an event is over, the invitation goes into a scrapbook or into the recycling bin. If space allows, you can add some inspirational pieces but be careful not to compromise the functionality of your ...

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12 awesome tips to raise a baby on a budget - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) At, you can select coupons for household items, including baby food, and they are mailed to your home within about a week. “I’m also involved in some coupon trains at Trading Post and the Canadian Coupon Club where you pick and choose the coupons you want and then contribute coupons you don’t. I save between $20 and $50 a month.” 3.

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The frugal parent - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) Pay five or six times the minimum payment on that debt and, once it’s paid off, roll that payment on to the next most expensive debt, and keep doing that until all debts are paid off. ... Clip and save Find coupons online, request them from the companies whose products you buy, swap them with other parents. Here are some places to start ...

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I tried all the meal kit delivery services so you don’t ...

(0 seconds ago) Emergency grocery runs aside, my big shop happens on the weekend, so I kick off Monday with a full fridge and the week’s menu. But add two full-time working parents to two kids vying for attention and homework help, and add a dash of masochistic desire to try to new recipes, and you’ve got fresh hot chaos, served night after night.

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52 ways to trim your holiday budget

(0 seconds ago) Many retailers participate in the voluntary Scanner Price Accuracy Code program: if the scanned price on a product comes up as more than the advertised shelf price and you spot it, you can get the item for free if it costs less than $10, or $10 off the advertised price of an item that costs more. Here are some of the participating retailers ...

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Save time with online grocery shopping

(0 seconds ago) You’ll just have to experience how fast, easy and stress-free grocery shopping with Loblaws Click & Collect truly is. That is, if you’re not already hooked! To get you started, you can use my Voucher Code: Emily10 to get $10 off your first order of $50 or more. I know you’ll enjoy the service so much you’ll want to tell others about it.

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Pokémon cards: What parents need to know

(0 seconds ago) So your kid has traded in his toy trains and cars for Pokémon cards but you don’t know what he’s talking about half the time. What is Pokémon? What’s a booster pack? What’s a trainer? And who is this Pikachu fellow he’s always mentioning? Your kid will probably always be one step ahead of you in his Pokémon knowledge, but this guide is a good start.

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Let's dish daily deal sites - Today's Parent

(0 seconds ago) This sounds like a no-brainer, but vouchers, just like gift cards, often go unredeemed. “It’s not savings if you aren’t going to use it, so don’t be lured in by the 75 percent off,” says Praw, who subscribes to a dozen daily deal sites and has saved on mini-golf, yoga classes for his wife and frozen yogurt.

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