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I’m excited for a new year! 2020 was weird, and strange, and changed a lot of things. But I am determined to make 2021 the best year yet! If you’d like some help making 2021 a productive year, be sure to check out these FREE PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNERS – they are really popular here on…

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Detail: Alphabet Wall Decal Set Giveaway | Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) ***p.s. i’ve got a promo code for all live craft eat readers – use code “LCE15” for 15% off any purchase at!! i seriously can’t tell you enough how many things you can do through them – the possibilities are endless! (for some inspiration, ...

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Vinyl Christmas Advent Calendar For Kids - Giveaway | Live ...

(0 seconds ago) they also make this vinyl advent calendar ($29.95 with the coupon code provided on the page!) that is really easy to use. your kids will know just what to do – it’s just like using stickers! and you’ll be happy, because these “stickers” will leave nothing on your wall after the holidays. they’re incredibly easy to remove and leave ...

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2012 - Day 1 | Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) For today (December 1st) only, use coupon code LIVECRAFTEAT to receive 10% off your order in my etsy shop. . Jennifer has been kind of enough to give away the ‘o holy night’ christmas canvas as pictured above. you can find it in her shop, with more pictures, here: 12″x12″ ‘o holy night’ christmas canvas

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Easter Egg Printable Template - Free | Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) the tradition my family had growing up was on easter morning we’d discover that the easter bunny had left a decorated paper egg beside my parent’s bed with a clue! that clue told us to go look somewhere else in the house – like in the washing machine, for example. we’d run downstairs to the washing machine to find another clue to go ...

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Homemade Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath | Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) It depends on what size wreath and bells you use! I just went to Michael’s craft store and bought the foam wreath and bought as many packages of bells that I thought I would need – some medium size and some small, because I didn’t make a huge wreath. At Michael’s you can often get 40% off coupons.

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2012 - Day 6 | Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) Use coupon code livecrafteat to receive 10% off your entire order today! Also, don’t forget to enter today to win the awesome prize package I have put together! Lisa has been kind of enough to give away the entire set of gift tags as pictured above. Entries.

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Etsy Shop Update :: November 2015 | LCE - Live Craft Eat

(0 seconds ago) before we dive in, make sure to use the coupon code “LCEPNOV20” for 20% off any purchase from my Etsy shop through the end of November! 1. printable thanksgiving planner bundle/kit:

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