9 Low-Cal, Low-Cost 4th Of July Recipes

Here are nine food and drink recipes you can prepare and serve for pennies per serving. 1. No-Alcohol Punch Spike ice water or cheap seltzer with slices of lemon, orange or melon slices. Brew homemade iced tea and mix in crushed peaches or other seasonal fruit from the farmer's market. 2. …

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50 Lessons Learned From My Depression-Era Parents

(52 years ago) There are so many recipes for basic to complex meals it's just not funny. Use cookware coupons to find just the right crockpot for your needs. Too bad all Mother had was a pressure cooker. 43. Eat Your Lawn Whatever happened to dandelion soup and pansy salads? As Eull Gibbons used to famously say in his Grape Nuts commercials, "Ever eat a pine ...

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How To Make Your Own Organic Beauty Products

(52 years ago) Here are 12 recipes to help get you started on making your own all-natural health and beauty products. 1. Baking Soda and Vinegar Shampoo I found this basic mixture in my mother's recipe box, then updated it with a quick Google search. Your hair will feel a bit dry for the first two weeks, then greatly improve and shine like mad. 1.

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How to Make 25 Classic & Classy Condiments

(52 years ago) Condiments are hot, and not necessarily jalapeño hot. As of September, more than 35 new mayonnaise flavors have been introduced to Americans in 2010 alone.

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9 Do-it-in-a-Day Projects

(52 years ago) Here are some recipes to get you started. 3. Clean a room. Tackle one room and clean it top-to-bottom (and in that order). Start with dusting the ceiling fans. Move furniture and vacuum. Dust baseboards, fluff pillows, wipe down refrigerators (don’t forget to vacuum the coils underneath). And while you’re at it, experiment with rearranging ...

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15 Steps to Make a Homemade Haunted House

(52 years ago) Add fake blood and wounds made from the recipes below. 9. Stuff a shirt, suit, socks and shoes (use a DSW free shipping code when you buy your goulish shoes) with newspapers and position this creature in a dark corner. Top with a lighted jack-o-lantern head. 10. To create an electric chair, put another "stuffed" man or a friend dressed ...

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The Best Frugal Cookie Recipe -

(52 years ago) One of my favorite cookie recipes of all time is the old-fashioned Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies are no-bake, saving time and energy, and they’re made with economical ingredients I always seem to have on-hand. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies ½ c. milk 2 c. sugar 1 stick margarine 2 Tbsp. cocoa 3 c. quick cooking oats 1 tsp. vanilla

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The 10 Cheapest Veggies To Grow -

(52 years ago) Cherries and medium-sized tomatoes save you $16 per square foot while the larger varieties save $9.50. 4. Winter Squash. Despite their tendency to sprawl across the garden, winter squash are much cheaper to grow than buy, to the tune of $8.50 per square foot. There's also an advantage in that these late-summer veggies come to fruition around ...

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The Top 12 Most Frequently Used Pantry Items (and what to ...

(52 years ago) Far too many recipes call for flour, so don't venture into a cookbook without it. Sugar is used in much more than just desserts--keep a pound sealed in the pantry for a dash of sweet. 3. Cream of Soups The cooking soups I use most often are cream of mushroom, cream of celery, and cream of chicken. Add these to tuna casseroles, pot roasts, and ...

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Frozen Herbs Spice Up Recipes Year Round

(52 years ago) Perfect for herbs you plan on using in dry recipes. • Wash and thoroughly pat dry. (Salad spinners work well • Lay herbs flat on wax or parchment paper on a cookie sheet. • Freeze overnight. (Make sure the cookie sheet lays flat in the freezer.) • Place leaves in freezer bags. • Suck out excess air with a straw 3. Ice-Cube Method

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15 Weird Frugal Tips That Aren't For Everyone

(52 years ago) Almost all homemade soap recipes involve some sort of animal or vegetable fat as well as lye, a mixture of chemicals that can be pricey when bought and difficult to make from scratch. The process itself borders on frustrating and can be expensive, between experimentation and failed batches. Many beginners become disillusioned, particularly when ...

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6 Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen for a More Beautiful You

(52 years ago) There are all kinds of additional recipes and ingredients that you carry in your kitchen that can help you look beautiful and be easy on your wallet this year. Ill be back with more this spring to help you keep yourself beautiful, glowing, and feeling great all year long on a budget.

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Buca di Beppo Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for January 2021

(52 years ago) Buca di Beppo celebrates recipes handed down from generation to generation by Italian immigrants. Their dishes are served family-style, meant to be shared by the entire table. Find the best free shipping and coupon codes for Buca di Beppo featured below.

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Your Game Plan for a Frugal Tailgating Party

(52 years ago) For a wealth of creative, delicious and easy tailgate recipes, hop over to the dedicated page on All Recipes. You'll find everything from burgers and dip to chili and fish. Yes, you can tailgate with fish, although chili is a lot cheaper. 5. Be Ready for Weather If there's one thing the tailgate faithful pride themselves on it's authenticity.

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Big Salsa Savings! -

(52 years ago) Recently I was unloading my groceries when my friend Claudia Castaneda started eyeing the price tag of the "fresh" salsa I had bought. “$6.00 – for this? Do you know how much salsa I could make for $6.00?!” I had already tasted many of Claudia’s recipes from her native El Salvador and knew she was a …

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Beat the Winter Culinary Blues with Fresh Produce

(52 years ago) Best Artichoke Recipes: The Artichoke Advisory Board has superb recipes for artichoke dips, sautés, grills, casseroles, and Benedict preparations. Currants These small, cranberry-esque fruits aren't exactly common fare. They bring to mind scones and tea from across …

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Breaking Bad Habits: 35 Small Shortcuts to Frugal Living

(52 years ago) 20. Experiment With Recipes Do you follow recipes exactly or do you experiment? When baking, try using less sugar, eggs and oil. Find the point where you notice a significant taste difference and then reintroduce the ingredient slightly. 21. Hand Wash Dishes With Minimal Water

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Tips for a Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

(52 years ago) Pull out all the recipes you'll use for the Thanksgiving dinner and make a check list of specific amounts and items you'll require. When unprepared, we often end up buying way too much of particular ingredients. 12. Use a turkey bag.

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9 Ways to Reduce Your August Utility Bill

(52 years ago) Most recipes are designed to heat food that has not been sitting in the fridge for the last several hours. If you've assembled a casserole or meat dish ahead of time, remove it at least 45 minutes before cooking to let it relax. This not only saves a couple of bucks, as you won't have to …

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Hello Fresh Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for February 2021

(52 years ago) Order HelloFresh and get fresh ingredients and healthy recipes delivered straight to your doorstep each week. Order meals for one, or for the whole family at Find the best free shipping and coupon codes for Hello Fresh featured below.

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MrBeer Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for May 2021

(52 years ago) MrBeer makes home brewing easy with a variety of supplies, including kits, refills, recipes, ingredients and accessories. Usually, MrBeer charges a flat rate for shipping, but you can avoid even this minimal expense by checking below for the latest MrBeer free shipping codes. Also keep an eye out for the discount coupons listed on this page.

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Fall Produce Buying Guide -

(52 years ago) Best Broccoli Recipes: Broccoli and Rice Casserole Butternut Squash A ripe butternut squash adds a flavorful punch to any fall dinner. Plus, squash stay ripe for up to a month in a cool dry place (not the fridge), which takes a lot of pressure off a cook. For the best texture, cut the squash in half, take out the seeds, and bake at 400Ëš like ...

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Page 2 of the Healthy Living Section Archives - The ...

(52 years ago) If you're lamenting about the lack of tasty, fresh produce in the wintertime, cheer up. As it turns out, there are lots of types of fruits and veggies that are in season. Check out this list of our favorites, plus a whole bunch of delicious recipes.

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40 Eco-Frugal Ways to Repurpose Household Items

(52 years ago) Make homemade citrus cleaners; make candy citrus peels; grate as zest in recipes; dry and toss into fires for a fresh smell. 8. Coffee Cans Pack cookies or other baked goods for mailing. Use as a cheap and quick "dog pooper scooper" or to store food scraps in the kitchen before adding to an outdoor compost pile. Store your child's collection of ...

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4 Weight Loss Programs on a Dime -

(52 years ago) Posted by Free Weight Watchers Recipes. Glad to see you recommend the Wii Active game. I currently get an ok workout with the Wii Fit but was looking at the Active game to keep things fresh. Boredom seems to be my main problem with any exercise routine.

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6 Ways to Save Money this Labor Day Weekend

(52 years ago) Grilling out is still the most popular activity on Labor Day. Stock up on sale items at the grocery store and use these recipes for a delicious take on the last holiday of summer. 6. Print off some fun Labor Day Trivia to keep your cookout guests entertained. Create a playlist of “working”-related songs as background music.

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Popcornopolis Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for February 2021

(52 years ago) Popcornopolis has refined their gourmet popcorn recipes for more than 75 years using the best popping corn they can find. Just a few of their flavors includes sour cream and onion, cheese, kettle corn, caramel and chocolate. If you can't pick a favorite flavor, try using a free shipping code to save on your own custom popcorn assortment from ...

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22 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

(52 years ago) The website Bullwrinkle has over 60 pet-friendly recipes straight from its canine kitchen, including biscuits, cookies and even pasta. Most can be made with ingredients you already own. 10. Scrapbook Scrapbooking is loved by 16 and 60 year olds alike, especially when the subject of the book is a certain special man friend. Any number of memory ...

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Electronic vs. Manual Appliances -

(52 years ago) While I like the feel of my manual beater, it is nearly impossible to beat baked goods (especially cookies which need to take an extra whipping) long enough without a complete forearm workout. I'll use the whisk on light jobs, but most recipes need a simple electric (not necessarily the giant Kitchen Aid) beater.

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Summer Fun Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

(52 years ago) You can teach them some of your passed down recipes or check out “Kitchen For Kids: 100 Amazing Recipes Your Children Can Really Make” which includes recipes for kids that are no knives and no flame. Above all, remember to enjoy the summer, take time to create memories, and use it as a way to relax, reflect, and connect with your children. ...

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Entertainment Savings Tips from the Go Frugal Blog

(52 years ago) 9 Low-Cal, Low-Cost 4th of July Recipes. So you're on a diet and don't have a dime. That doesn't mean you can't afford to throw a 4th of July bash. You can cut calories and costs this holiday with our nine food and drink recipes.

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Carol's Daughter Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for January ...

(52 years ago) Up to 30% off Last Call Beauty Recipes. Click to Save. Add Comment Share. Post Comment. Copy and Share this Link: Share this Deal: Sale Ends July 12, 2025. Save on Select Online Gift Sets. Click to Save. Add Comment Share. Post Comment ...

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Ghirardelli Chocolate Coupons & Free Shipping Codes for ...

(52 years ago) Ghirardelli Chocolate Coupons & Free Shipping Codes. Enjoy Ghirardelli free shipping at America's premium chocolate company. Ghirardelli brings chocolate to new heights with its signature intense, smooth, melting chocolate taste.

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10 Affordable Holiday Party Themes -

(52 years ago) We've got 10 theme ideas to get you started, but no doubt you can come up with even more. 1. Holiday Open House: The best party I've ever thrown was a Christmas Open House.Limited space made a standard party difficult, but an open house spanning several hours allowed friends to drift in and out, as their schedules allowed.

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Trouble Finding a Hobby? Trade 13 Expensive Pastimes for ...

(52 years ago) Hobbies can range from tame to downright dangerous. For those with no urge to visit an intensive care unit, simply finding a hobby can be tough for one reason: Many of the most enticing and popular hobbies are expensive. But there are plenty of frugal and fun alternatives to costly pastimes.

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10 Tips to Save at the Grocery Store

(52 years ago) Set a grocery budget and at the end of the month if you run out of money, eat out of your pantry. Get creative with recipes or turn to 6. Check meat prices with the butcher. The pre-packaged stuff is not always the lowest priced. When whole chickens go on …

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Page 2 of the Ashley Grimaldo Section Archives - The ...

(52 years ago) If you're lamenting about the lack of tasty, fresh produce in the wintertime, cheer up. As it turns out, there are lots of types of fruits and veggies that are in season. Check out this list of our favorites, plus a whole bunch of delicious recipes.

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Page 2 of the Holiday Shopping Section Archives - The ...

(52 years ago) 9 Low-Cal, Low-Cost 4th of July Recipes. So you're on a diet and don't have a dime. That doesn't mean you can't afford to throw a 4th of July bash. You can cut calories and costs this holiday with our nine food and drink recipes.

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