15 Delicious Healthy Recipes - Brit + Co

Jul 08, 2021  · 9. Cauliflower Rice Tacos. Munch on this protein-packed meal that features a rainbow of produce and will leave you full all day but feeling light as a …

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30 Easy Crock Pot Recipes & Slow Cooker Meals - Brit …

(52 years ago) Jun 11, 2021  · These recipes often yield enough delectable goodness and save well, so you can save the excess for a quick lunch, or freeze for even easier future meals. Crock pot and slow cooker meals take the stress out of the kitchen, so you don’t have to sacrifice time, labor, and effort to eat well, and feel full.

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56 Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes for Beginners - Brit Co ...

(52 years ago) Jan 12, 2022  · Instant Pot recipes are all the rage, so it's only natural that we take a step back from our beloved Crock-Pots to revisit the classic cooking method …

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11 Recipes You’ll Never Know Are Full of Vegetables - Brit ...

(52 years ago) 4. Smoky Vegetable Penne: Pasta is the perfect family-friendly meal, especially when the sauce is full of vegetables like carrots, mushrooms and corn. (via Baby Centre Blog) 5. Sweet Corn Fritters: These corn fritters are crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike.

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The Most Popular Recipes on Food Network Right Now - …

(52 years ago) A lot of us learned to cook from watching Food Network, so it's not all that surprising to note its current top recipes are all about showing people how to master the basics.Absorbing culinary knowledge from the masters like Ree Drummond, Alton Brown, and Ina Garten is definitely one of the most fun ways to go about improving your cooking skills.. Even if you can't sit down to …

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Brit Co - Dinner Recipes

(52 years ago) Brit + Co is a website and lifestyle brand that focuses on sparking the creative spirit in women through diverse content, online classes, and a business accelerator for women.

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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes Anyone Can Make - Brit - Co

(52 years ago) Jul 28, 2021  · Our favorite recipes like go-to pasta meals and roast chicken can get boring after cooking them on repeat, even for the best cook. Spice things up …

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30 Days of Recipes: A Quick-and-Easy Meal Planner for ...

(52 years ago) These 30 recipes will take you from November 1 through the 30th, and the entire month is tailor-made for your ease. Many of the ingredients in these recipes overlap so you can get the most bang for your buck at the grocery store, and there are also plenty of meat-free and Paleo-friendly options in the bunch.

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25 Indian Food Recipes to Make Delicious Meals - Brit …

(52 years ago) Jul 28, 2021  · We've all had those cravings for our favorite neighborhood Indian food whether it's the curry, tikka masala, or paneer, samosas, or the tandoori naan.Sure there are options in the frozen food aisle for Indian cuisine but have trying to bring to life Indian food recipes at home can be downright intimidating. Keep calm and curry on because there are plenty of healthy Indian …

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34 Easy Cocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home - Brit Co

(52 years ago) May 24, 2021  · These 34 deliciously simple cocktail recipes take the hard work out of bartending, so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. …

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Easy Delicious Chicken Recipes To Make For Dinner - Brit ...

(52 years ago) Jul 30, 2021  · Green Chili Chicken and Corn Enchilada Casserole. This spicy casserole makes a ton of servings and is easy to reheat — great for meal prep! Follow us on Pinterest for more easy and exciting chicken recipes. This article has been updated from a previous post. Audrey is a food and travel writer currently living in Berlin.

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15 Easy Healthy Meal Recipes for One - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Jun 17, 2020  · Just a little bit addicted to Pinterest, her kitchen frequently produces recipes she finds there. She loves the crackling sound of opening a brand new book and the smell of freshly cut grass. Recipe Roundup. Food. healthy-recipes Healthy Recipes meals for one Recipe Roundup. The Conversation (2) Amy 17 Jul, 2020.

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19 Cuban Recipes That Will Wow Your Tastebuds - Brit Co ...

(52 years ago) Aug 03, 2021  · These Cuban Recipes Will Make You Feel Like You're In Havana. 2. Cuban Sandwich: This classic 'wich requires five key ingredients: ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. And, of course, Cuban bread. When you're pressed for time, go for a deli-style honey ham like in this easy recipe, which takes just 10 minutes to make.

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12 Sardine Recipes That’ll Have You Ditching Tuna - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Aug 11, 2017  · Marinated Sardines With Black Olives and Chili. These decked-out sardines might look fancy, but they’re super easy to throw together with a topping of gherkins, black olives, red onion, fresh parsley, and punchy red chilis. (via Holafoodie ) Dana Sandonato. Born in Canada and now living in the beautiful state of North Carolina, Dana is a ...

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12 Creole Dinner Recipes to Spice Up Your Life - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Mar 18, 2017  · 12 Creole Dinner Recipes to Spice Up Your Life Dana Sandonato. Mar 18, 2017. New Orleans is famous for a lot of things — like its uninterrupted nightlife, its jazzy music scene, and, of course, the vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras. But the thing it might be celebrated for most is its distinct cuisine. Louisiana is a wonderful melting pot of ...

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15 Classic Baked Goods Recipes Every Cook Should Know ...

(52 years ago) Peanut Butter M&M Cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate are great on their own, but even better in cookie form. (via Accidental Happy Baker) Follow us on Pinterest for more recipe inspo! This article has been updated from a previous post. Justina Huddleston. Justina Huddleston is a food writer living in Los Angeles.

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32 Irresistible Caramel Recipes You Have to Try - Brit Co

(52 years ago) This time of year calls for caramelized foods of all sorts — whether savory , sweet or a little bit of both, there’s just something about toasted sugars that’s, well, oh-so-toasty and warm. Today we present you with 32 irresistible recipes from around the web that have a sweet caramel element front and center. From cookies to croquembouche, we’ve got you covered in this roundup!

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It’s a Date! 20 Date Recipes to Try Now - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Aug 13, 2014  · 15. Spiced Pear + Salted Cinnamon Date Caramel Stacks: Despite the long name, this snack is super easy to make. After slicing your pear, simply layer on the rest of the ingredients. (via Needs Salt) 16. Chocolate-Hazelnut-Cranberry Wreath: This pretty pastry is filled with cocoa date filling.

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11 Pinwheel Recipes You Can Roll Up to Your Next Party ...

(52 years ago) Jul 30, 2019  · Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels. Buffalo flavored anything is the trendiest appetizer to bring to any party. These spicy yet creamy pinwheels will have people begging you for the recipe. (via Home Cooking Memories) Magdalena O'Neal. Magdalena O'Neal is an editorial intern at Brit+Co. While she loves baked goods full of dairy and gluten, she ...

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20 Meals to Warm You Up on Cold Winter Nights - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Nov 03, 2021  · Jessica believes in using seasonal and wholesome ingredients as much as possible and you can check out more of her recipes at her blog: By Guess And By Golly. Dinner Recipes. Recipes. Dinner Recipes Winter recipe Recipe Roundup winter meals dinner. The Conversation (2) Amanda Lahey 19 Jul, 2020.

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12 Fried Cheese Recipes for When You Want to Treat Yoself ...

(52 years ago) Aug 21, 2016  · 11. Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese): Whenever Greek food meets fried cheese, we are totally on board. Saganaki is a traditional Greek cheese, and it really shines in this dish. (via Salt & Lavender) 12. Zucchini, Feta and Spinach Fritters With Garlic Tzatziki: Fritters are already a go-to fried treat, and for good reason.

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3 Easy Camping Recipes - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Pour a thin layer of the chili verde salsa into the tin, covering the base. Layer in chips, cheese, pinto beans, and more salsa. Top with a final layer of chips and cheese. Crack the eggs on top and cover with foil. Place on the grill for 25-30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your fire. You can always lift the foil to take a peek.

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37 Oreo Dessert Recipes Made in Cookie Heaven - Brit Co ...

(52 years ago) Jun 20, 2021  · The following 40 recipes are over the top, toothsome and incredibly delicious — perfect for a weekend baking sesh before family movie night. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in, because we're diving into the best Oreo desserts made with everyone's favorite cookie.

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14 Plantain Recipes That Are Anything But Plain - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Beef BowlsRoasted Sweet Potato, Plantain, and Cacao Mole TacosBlack Bean Cilantro Lime Rice Bowls With PlantainsSmashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders

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19 Easy Friendsgiving Recipes to Rock at Your Next Holiday ...

(52 years ago) Nov 05, 2016  · These 19 Friendsgiving recipes will give you mad inspo whether you’re trying to be hip and mix things up, keep it classic or a little bit of both. 1. …

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12 Sugar Free Desserts That Don’t Skimp on ... - Brit Co

(52 years ago) May 06, 2021  · No disrespect to Mary Poppins, but a spoonful of sugar is the last thing we need.In the age of the paleo, keto, and low-carb diets, refined sugars are a big no-no. There are tons of amazing sugar-free desserts out there that won't make you miss the sweetener one bit. Check out these delectable dessert recipes that will have you saying buh-bye to sugar, and hello to …

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15 Easy Dessert Recipes That Are Perfect for Any Novice ...

(52 years ago) Relying on simple ingredients and techniques, easy dessert recipes are totally worth memorizing if you want to be able to impress the guests at your first adult dinner party with something sweet — without going crazy trying to perfect your final course. These 15 easy dessert recipes will make finishing off your meal sweeter than ever.

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Bon Appétit! 15 Classic French Recipes to Try Now - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Jul 28, 2019  · Fondue Savoyarde. Ah, fondue savoyarde. The simplistic queen of all fondues, straight off of France’s national website. (via France ) Sonia Rao. …

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15 Easy Healthy Chicken Recipes for Simple Weeknight ...

(52 years ago) Of all the proteins out there, chicken is definitely the most ubiquitous in our kitchens, and for good reason. It’s versatile, meaning roast chicken and slow cooker chicken recipes alike can be bursting with just about any flavor under the sun. Because of its mild profile, it’s perfect for absorbing stronger flavors, like in these lemon chicken recipes.

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23 Creative Sandwich Recipes to Make Your Coworkers ...

(52 years ago) Chipotle Pulled Portabello Sandwiches With Feta Cilantro ToppingPlantain, Black Bean and Havarti ArepasGo-to Turkey Sandwiches With LAY’S® Wavy Ranch Flavored Potato ChipsToasted Pan Bagnat With Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Arugula

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14 Times Ricotta Cheese Made Dinner Better - Brit Co

(52 years ago) 5-Ingredient Cherry Tomato and Ricotta PastaQuinoa and Ricotta Meatballs With ZoodlesWatercress Pesto, Ricotta, and Tomato TartEgg Yolk Ravioli

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28 Halloween Recipes for a Spooky Good Party - Brit Co ...

(52 years ago) Sep 17, 2021  · For this Halloween recipe, all you need are strawberries, white chocolate melting wafers, and red food coloring. Set a few of the wafers aside …

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Summer Mediterranean Recipes for Your Outdoor Dinners ...

(52 years ago) Jul 07, 2021  · 10-Minute Mediterranean Vegan Pasta. Get this flavorful vegan pasta on the dinner table with five ingredients and 10 minutes! The pairing of briny olives, sweet dried cranberries, crunchy walnuts, and creamy hummus will blow your mind. (via Contentedness Cooking )

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16 Recipes to Help You Detox for Spring - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Mar 31, 2021  · Detoxifying the body is an important part of looking and feeling your best. We're not talking about juice cleanses, either — though juice recipes can be *incredibly* yummy and fun to make. You can actually detoxify the body on a regular basis using real, whole-food ingredients to support the liver and the detoxification process.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes — Brit Co - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Nov 27, 2021  · These 14 recipes will have you licking your chops. 1. Thanksgiving Leftover Pop Tarts: These savory pop tarts are filled with cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and bits of tender turkey, then drizzled with gravy for a snack or meal that will knock your socks off. (via The Butter Half) 2. Leftover Turkey Pot Pie: Put the sandwiches on ...

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9 Reasons You Should Start Eating Lilacs… Yes ... - Co

(52 years ago) Jul 28, 2019  · Casey is a lover of coffee, interior decorating, sunshine, good food, lipstick and laughing. Just a little bit addicted to Pinterest, her kitchen frequently …

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15 Peep Recipes For Your Easter Leftovers - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Mar 22, 2016  · The Only 15 Recipes You Need to Use Up Leftover Peeps Paige Johnson. Mar 22, 2016. The best thing about Easter as a kid was the numerous packages of pastel sugar-coated marshmallow goodness that arrived in our baskets without fail. Peeps are an Easter tradition, so they obviously deserve a place on your table this year.

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12 Healthy Holiday Recipes to Keep You on Track - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Annelies Zijderveld is the author of Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea. Her food writing and photos have been featured in Paste Magazine, The Kitchn, TODAY, Darling Magazine, AllRecipes, and other publications, She whisks together food and poetry on her blog, The Food Poet, and on Instagram at @anneliesz.

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Perfect Pork Loin Roast Recipe & Leftovers Uses - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Jun 04, 2021  · 1. Perfect Pork Loin Roast: If you take the time to brine your pork loin, you'll end up with a moist and flavorful piece of meat that you can use in a multitude of other dishes. Roast on a bed of aromatics to infuse a savory flavor …

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17 Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Mondays - Brit Co

(52 years ago) 15 Eggplant Recipes That Will Kill It on Meatless Monday - Brit + Co › 14 Freezer Meals to Set Yourself Up for *Many* Meatless Mondays ... › 12 Meatless Monday Recipes That Prove Seitan Is the *Real* MVP ... › 18 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes to Make Your ... › 19 Make-Ahead Vegetarian Casserole Recipes to Enjoy on ...

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12 Leek Recipes You Need in Your Life RN - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Creamy Mushroom and Leek Chicken BreastsScalloped Potatoes With Leeks and ThymeVegan Mushroom, Leek, and Sweet Potato TartSkillet Chicken With Mushrooms, White Wine, Bacon, and Leeks

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Stop Loafing Around: 30 Easy Great Homemade Bread Recipes ...

(52 years ago) Jul 27, 2019  · We’ve rounded up thirty great homemade bread recipes for you here — everything ranging from yeast breads to quick breads to a few for special …

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20 Crazy Good Recipes for Couscous - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Aug 26, 2019  · Check out these 20 exciting + yummy couscous recipes to mix up your meal routine. 1. Roasted Asparagus Salad With Israeli Couscous : This …

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20 Recipes You Can Make With an Air Fryer - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Jan 21, 2018  · 20 Recipes You Can Make With an Air Fryer Jennifer Seigal. Jan 21, 2018. Thanks to the air fryer, we can get that deep-fried flavor without the excess fat and oil. Here are 20 recipes to help you fall in love with this fabulous cooker and rediscover your favorite comfort foods — in less time and with fewer calories.

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14 Spring Picnic Recipes - Brit Co

(52 years ago) Jalapeño Popper Baked Turkey SandwichesCorn, Avocado, and Black Bean Summer SaladMushroom and Goat Cheese Savory SquaresParmesan Garlic Grilled Corn

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15 Creamy Bisque Recipes for a Satisfying Supper - Brit Co

(52 years ago) 15 Creamy Bisque Recipes for a Satisfying Supper. Justina Huddleston. Aug 27, 2017. Mastering classic French recipes is a total rite of passage for the passionate home cook, and bisque, a smooth and creamy (traditionally seafood-based) soup, is right up there on the list. Don’t let its simplicity fool you — each bowlful is packed with flavor.

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